The Nopal Cactus vegetable variety known in botany as Opuntia ficus indica or OFI, is the vegetable variety of the Opuntia SPP species with a 12,000 year historical record. Originating in the volcanic region of Mesoamerica (Mexico), nopal has been offering this staple food and nutritional plant for thousands of years. Being central to many indigenous tribes of Mexico, it is the root of Mexico City’s name ‘Tenochtitlan’ meaning “place of the cactus.” As the historical archives suggest, nopal was used to soothe wounds as it was stiffen the cloth, purify water, and waterproof paint.

Highly adaptable to a variety of climates, nopal cactus cross-pollinates and propagates easily. Nopal spread throughout North America, South America, and the Caribbean in the Pre-Colombian period. Fast forward to present day California, Andy Boy is the only domestic grower and shipper of this delicious and nutritious vegetable. With fields throughout the Salinas Valley, D’Arrigo, off-sets the nopal and cactus pear seasons.

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Health Benefits: Nopals are a good source of calcium and fiber.
Storage: When storing raw nopal, keep refrigerated for best and longest shelf life. When cooking nopal keep in a sealed container either at room temperature in and shaded area, or refrigerated.