D’Arrigo California’s Commitment to Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer is among the leading health issues women face in the United States. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. These statistics are both alarming and growing, which is one of the reasons why D’Arrigo California began its partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) back in 1999. To date D’Arrigo California has donated $2 million dollars to fund over 42,000 hours of cancer research.

To learn more about what D’Arrigo CA is doing to advance breast cancer research tune in on Thursday, October 14th at 11:30am PST to be part of a Zoom webinar to hear directly from BCRF experts. The webinar will be 15 minutes long and the panelists will be John D’Arrigo, D’Arrigo California, President and CEO, Myra Biblowit, BCRF, President and CEO, and Dr. Dorraya El-Ashry, BCRF Chief Scientific Officer. The discussion will highlight the correlation between healthy eating and prevention, what BCRF is doing to move the needle to drive cancer breakthroughs and how D’Arrigo has been a long-time funder enabling BCRF to achieve their mission.

“The synergy that exists between D’Arrigo California and the BCRF is tremendous which is why we felt compelled to support the work they do in the field of cancer research, stated John D’Arrigo, President and CEO of D’Arrigo California. “We have proudly supported BCRF for over two decades and are more committed now than ever to continue to provide support and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer.”

“Our gratitude runs deep for D’Arrigo’s longstanding partnership,” said BCRF President and CEO, Myra Biblowit.  “BCRF could not do what we do—save lives—without support from dedicated partners and we are proud to be featured on Andy Boy® produce on shelves and in homes around the country.  Have no doubt, that by partnering with the largest private funders of breast cancer research in the world, D’Arrigo is making a genuine and tangible impact on propelling research forward, faster.”


You will find a pink ribbon with the words “PROUD SUPPORTER OF BCRF” on all of the packaging and cartons of Andy Boy® products that you find in grocery stores and restaurants nationally and internationally. This is one of the ways D’Arrigo California is helping raise awareness for breast cancer research among women and men. As 3rd generation family farmers, the company’s goal to increase awareness and prevention through education, and find a cure for breast cancer during our lifetime still resonates after 22 years of partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.