Andy Boy – Not Just a Brand, But a Way of Life…

D’Arrigo California considers itself to be in a partnership with our family of employees, not just at the office or in the fields but in all aspects of life. We are proud to be in the business of providing an entire range of delicious and nutritious fresh produce that contributes to the well being of so many people. It wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and hard work of D’Arrigo California employees.

A Different Kind of Produce Company

D’Arrigo California is unique among produce companies in that the majority of all of our employees are with us (except for a brief winter break) on an almost year-round basis. Employee longevity is a proud tradition here. Multi-generational families and employees who have been with us almost half a century will tell you how significant these relationships are here at D’Arrigo California.  We believe in creating an atmosphere of good health and great living for our employees. In the fields, employee safety is our utmost concern. In our packing and cooling facilities we adhere to the strictest standards set up by OSHA. Providing an excellent work environment is just one of the ways we care for our employees.

There are many other ways D’Arrigo California employees are supported as well. Motivational and esteem-building programs, barbecues, special events, cooking demos and incentive programs to name  a few. A special thank you is extended to all D’Arrigo California employees who have always been and will continue to be our most valuable asset.



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