Run the Spreckels Way


This past Saturday, the town of Spreckels, CA hosted their fourth annual 4th of July Celebration 10k Run and 5k Walk through the town center and surrounding fields. Residents came together as a community to celebrate the holiday by participating in the races, cheering on friends and family, and enjoying live music.


  • This event brings together fellow health food growers and shippers and allows the agricultural community to promote not only healthy eating, but an overall healthy lifestyle. A special congratulations to the runners representing our company, D’Arrigo Bros., as well as their families who participated in the 5k, 10k, and Kid’s 1 mile run.
  • John Scherpinski, 10K 44:02, 3rd in age group, pace 7:06 (Director of Sales)
  • Amy Amaral, 10K 58:23, 15th in age group, pace 9:25 (Director Business Development, Wife of Matt Amaral)
  • Angela Salinas, 10K 56:39, 12th in age group, pace 9:08 (Sales Analysis & Credit Manager)
  • Jennifer Scherpinski, 10K 50:27, 3rd in age group, pace 8:08 (Wife of John Scherpinski)
  • Amy Rose, 10k 58:00, 11th in age group, pace 9:21 (Sales Rep. She just had a baby!)
  • Carmela D’Arrigo 5K 37:44 (Sales Rep)
  • Aaron Cruz, 10K 54:58, 13th in age group, pace 8:52 (Significant other of Carmela D’Arrigo)