Under direct supervision from the Employee Relations Director, the Employee Relations Coordinator assists with various policies, programs, and procedures – in both English and Spanish – including in the functional areas of employee relations and human resources.


Employee Relations

  • Communicates the company’s Mission, Vision, and Values statement across the company.
  • Conducts consistent outreach by visiting supervision/employees in the fields, Plant, Service Center and offices, to communicate employee relations, human resource, and related updates both to employees/supervisors and back to management. Provides direction and advice on matters that arise.
  • Ensures that the policy against harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and abusive conduct is being followed. Assists in promoting a respectful and comfortable work environment.
  • As directed, assists with coordinating various programs and procedures to ensure company’s compliance with 3 collective bargaining agreements, covering over 1,200 non-exempt employees.
  • Maintains a collaborative working relationship with the labor unions and crew representatives.
  • Maintains grievance logs on Excel for each of the 3 labor unions, including the date, name of grievant(s), subject matter, and deadlines for a timely response at each step of the respective grievance processes.
  • Under direct supervision, coordinates policies, programs, and procedures related to company-wide employee relations matters. Shares these policies and procedures during outreach.
  • Enforces the company’s supervisory chain of command and directs employee concerns thru the proper channels.
  • Conducts investigative interviews with employees and witnesses related to disciplinary matters.
  • Provides objective feedback to department supervision related to the investigations.
  • When requested by management, generates Excel spreadsheets to capture results of hourly wage and piece rate surveys for distribution to interested stakeholders.
  • Assists director with generating labor relations reports – crews, work status, last day worked – collaborates with other human resources and/or payroll staff to generate the same.
  • Gathers wage earnings as directed and as requested by the labor unions.
  • Prepares and maintains employee relations files and logs.
  • Serves as a witness to investigative interviews arising out of sexual harassment allegations.
  • Maintains records pertaining to the implementation of, and compliance with, new employment laws (e.g., maintaining the 7th workday binder, and assisting with related compliance and payroll audits).
  • Assists in the coordination of employee relations training sessions for various employee groups – from forepersons to supervisory personnel (e.g., foreperson leadership skills, high-performance work teams, etc.).
  • Maintains a network of counterparts and colleagues in other agriculture companies to keep current on employee relations and human resource matters affecting the industry.

Human Resources

  • Have knowledge of human resources including onboarding, new hires, leaves of absences, paid sick leave, benefits, compensation, and separations for all employee groups.
  • Be able to answer questions as they arise.


  • Update and maintain company “black books” related to federal, state and other required
  • Translate company documents from English to Spanish, and vice-versa.


  • Understanding of general principles of employee relations, human resources, and eagerness to learn new concepts.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including the ability to effectively present facts and recommendations in oral and written form.
  • Correct English and Spanish usage, including spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary required
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish, with excellent customer-centric skills.
  • Strong working knowledge of MS Office Suite, especially Excel and Word.
  • Must have a valid California driver license with a clean record.
  • Must have a high school diploma, or GED.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field is desirable – equivalent work experience in lieu thereof will be considered.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to understand, evaluate and make judgment on proposals
  • Ability to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner; to gather and analyze information skillfully
  • Must have typing skills.
  • Ability to keep all skill sets current.
  • Organized team player who works well with a variety of people with a minimum of supervision.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment and handle pressure while managing multiple tasks.
  • Regular and consistent attendance mandatory.
  • Ability to take direction from multiple managers.
  • Work schedule may include OT and weekends.
  • Valid driver’s license and clean record.
  • Available for overnight travel to other district offices.
  • Ability to work 8 am to 5 pm with flexibility throughout the season to start earlier or stay later.


All job descriptions are reviewed and subject to change, as business needs may dictate.  Therefore, the company retains the discretion to add to or modify the essential functions for the position at any time.


Interested candidates please send your resume to [email protected]