CA Employees

Benefits go into effect once seniority is attained. Seniority is attained when an employee has worked 30 working days within 90 calendar days. The benefits are as follows:

  • Health Insurance: The Company offers life, health, and welfare plans to eligible employees and dependents. Monthly coverage is FREE OF CHARGE for employees and their dependents!
    • Medical plan: $115 deductible
    • Dental: No deductible
    • Vision
    • Cal Savers: Retirement Savings Program
    • Life insurance: The Company contributes to a life insurance plan for eligible employees.
  • Paid Leaves of Absence: sick leave (40-hour minimum) & bereavement leave (up to 3 consecutive calendar days)
  • Six paid holidays
  • Referral Program
    • Employees who refer new employees who complete the harvesting season can qualify for a monetary incentive of up to $600 per referral.
  • Safety Incentive
    • The company provides an opportunity for them to win safety incentive prizes.
  • Bus Transportation
    • The company provides free bus transportation for AG employees who voluntarily want to be transported with their crew to their work site for the day and back.