Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, D’Arrigo California has been monitoring the situation both domestically and internationally. The global impact of the COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and we are taking proactive measures to protect the safety of our valued associates, customers and consumers.

COVID-19 Face Coverings: On Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 12:01am, the Monterey County Health Department issued an order requiring all members of the public and essential workers to wear a face covering when going out into the public and at work. D’Arrigo CA ordered 3,600 face coverings and distributed 2 reusable and washable face coverings to each employee FREE of charge.

Bilingual COVID-19 Trainings: D’Arrigo CA continues to conduct bilingual trainings for all employees working at the headquarters and field level on COVID-19 facts. Trainings are led by staff nurses from Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. Trainings cover the importance of physical distancing, wearing a face covering, washing and sanitizing hands, understanding the symptoms of the virus, where to get tested, etc.

Below are key focus points that we are mandating our employees to follow in light of the current health situation.

Bilingual COVID-19 Informational Flyers: D’Arrigo CA continues to provide bilingual informational flyers for all employees to stay current on COVID-19 facts and services.

  1. Focus on employee hygiene.
    • Require employees to wash/sanitize their hands multiple times daily.
    • Reduce meetings and group gathering to essential communication only.
    • Advise against personal contact within the facility.
    • Make sure hand sanitizers are accessible throughout the entire facility.
  2. Requiring ill employees to stay home.
    • Anyone with immediate family members that are ill are asked to stay home.
    • Employees at work that develop symptoms of being ill will be sent home.
    • Advise against personal contact within the facility.
  3. Perform routine environmental cleaning in all high traffic areas.
    • Sanitizing of the headquarters and shipping facility will occur multiple times throughout the day:
    • Door handles
    • Bathroom areas
    • Lunchroom tables and chairs
    • Kitchen areas
    • Time clock areas
  4. Utilize off-hour times to complete an aggressive sanitation of common areas utilizing housekeeping or sanitation crews.
    • Use sanitizer each day to deep clean:
      1. Lunchroom areas
      2. Meeting rooms
      3. Time clock areas
      4. Office rooms
      5. Shipping Facility
  5. We will train employees on the above SOP’s of what we are doing to keep them safe.
  6. We are restricting non-essential travel.

Informative publications:

D’Arrigo California greatly appreciates your cooperation during this difficult time. As information becomes available we will provide timely updates.

Thank you.