NEW Additions to D’Arrigo California

As consumers increase their appetite for healthier food options and the desire to incorporate more vegetables into their diets, D’Arrigo California, a farming leader of healthy and delicious vegetables, announces three new items in the Andy Boy® label: Florentino® AKA Sweet Baby Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts and Celery. “As we approach 100 years of growing, packing, and shipping fresh vegetables, I am ecstatic about the opportunity to assist in marketing our continuously growing line of products, especially with new items like Florentino® Sweet Baby Cauliflower.” states Morgan Tinari Brand Manager, Marketing at D’Arrigo California. Florentino® was the first of the three to be rolled out with a soft launch conducted late last year. Florentino® has a sweet to mild flavor, beautiful blonde to cream colored bunches with light to bright green stems, and a crunchy texture. There is a lot of excitement around the opportunities of adding these fresh, field packed and versatile vegetables on a year-round basis to the iconic Andy Boy® label.


Another addition to D’Arrigo California is Brittany Corda, who recently joined the Sales Team. Brittany will oversee all three of these “branded” items. “I am so excited to join the D’Arrigo California – Andy Boy family, and along with me we have Florentino®, Brussels Sprouts, and Celery joining the Andy Boy brand.” states Brittany Corda. “We have expected to see great success bringing these items to market, and it’s been the natural progression to get them into our brand. Since we conducted the soft product launch of Florentino® a few months ago, the feedback has been very positive. Florentino® is a fresh and innovate take on an already popular, on trend, and functional vegetable “cauliflower”.  I am really looking forward to what’s in store for each one of these new additions to our brand.”


D’Arrigo California is excited to have Brittany Corda as part of their Sales Team, as well as a growing line of goods. “Our team is proud to continue introducing unique and great tasting vegetables that excite and appeal to our customers,” states Cody Ramsey, Manager, Sales/Marketing at D’Arrigo California.  “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be adding not one, but three branded vegetables to our Andy Boy® product line to have readily available for our customers!”