Andy Boy Broccoli Rabe: Turn Over a New Leaf

Even though there is broccoli in the name, don’t let this abundant jagged leafed bunch covering tight tiny heads of florets fool you into thinking this is the same old thing. Broccoli Rabe has a unique, sophisticated taste. Sharp and flavorful, Andy Boy Broccoli Rabe is slightly bitter, a perfect foil for other strong flavorings like lush olive oils, fragrant garlic, shallots and herbs. Look at all of the interesting ways to bring this intriguing vegetable to your table.


It Comes From The Wild Side: Broccoli Rabe

Andy Boy has perfected many of the heritage vegetables that were sent as seeds from Italy to try and cultivate here in the U.S. Andy Boy Broccoli Rabe is a direct descendant of the beautiful wild mustard plants that grew every spring along the hillsides around Messina, Sicily. Sometimes in recipes you will see it referred to as rapini. In 1964, it was officially named “Broccoli Rabe” and the D’Arrigo Bros Co actually holds 4 patents for growing Broccoli Rabe. Patently Perfect!

Hot New Culinary Trend from Coast to Coast

Broccoli Rabe has made many other vegetables passé at restaurants these days. Chefs are helping it grow in popularity as they explore new ways to enjoy this terrific member of the “Brassica” family.

Meet Broccoli Robbie–The Andy Boy Mascot

We chose our signature product to represent the Andy Boy philosophy of a Joy of A Healthy Life. A furry, friendly 7-foot tall stalk of broccoli rabe makes a commanding appearance at special events. Wherever he goes, he shares the importance of good eating and good fun.


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Care & Handle

  • Refrigerate Immediately: 34 – 36°F
  • Wash Before Eating