Andy Boy Fennel. The vegetable with a licorice twist.

It looks like a cross between celery and dill, with its delicate foliage and pale green ribbed stems and bulb. But this long-time Italian cuisine staple is now making regular appearances on tables across America. Andy Boy Fennel has a distinctive sweet licorice taste that blends beautifully in so many dishes.

Cool or hot, Andy Boy Fennel is a taste you’ll want to know.

Take the time to experiment with Andy Boy Fennel. Try some of our favorite new recipes to get a feel for Andy Boy Fennel. Chef Ricardo Castano, the creator of many of the recipes you see on this website, has a secret for perfect fennel every time: blanch the fennel first. Cooking smooths the licorice flavor to make it subtle and delicious. It’s as easy as adding a cup of boiling water to the fennel, let sit for 60 seconds, drain it, then start cooking. It will make for scrumptious salads, magnificent main courses and delectable desserts.

Turn the lights down low, some soft music and… Andy Boy Fennel

Fennel has a provocative history. The ancient Hindus relied on it as a sexual stimulant. In the Mediterranean, fennel soup was thought to increase sexual desire. Soup up your libido with this not so chaste chowder made with Andy Boy Fennel.

The Name Game

Sometimes fennel travels under an assumed identity. You may see a sign that says sweet anise or finocchio, the Italian translation. But to us, it’s one of the great Italian vegetables. No matter what anyone calls it, it’s a tasty treat you’ll recognize every time you see those large aromatic bulbs named Andy Boy Fennel.