Green Leaf/Red Leaf Lettuce

Fresh ‘Powerhouse’ Facts

Green and Red Leaf contain large amounts of vitamins A and K, calcium, iron plus the antioxidants beta carotene and lutein.

Green and Red Leaf are packed fresh in the field.

Of all the lettuce, the good looks of Green and Red Leaf have made them a culinary favorite and are especially prized by chefs for their versatility and attractive presentation.

Because You Know What Tastes Good

Green and red leaf lettuce have a subtle taste of hazelnut and are enjoyed by consumers far and wide. Tender and refreshing, its leaves are tasty in a salad and contain far more nutritional properties than other varieties of lettuce.

A Natural Elegance

Green and red leaf lettuces are small with large, loose, long and wavy leaves with curly edges. Red leaf is green and burgundy in color, while green leaf is pale green with darker green highlights.

Put a Little ‘Hop’ in Your Green Leaf Salad

This salad recipe is adorable – it really looks like bunnies nestled in fresh spring grass. Your kids will love it!