Crispy Facts

Iceberg lettuce got its name from the fact that California growers shipped it covered with heaps of crushed ice in the 1920s. It had previously been called Crisphead lettuce.

Americans eat approximately 11 pounds of lettuce per year, per person.

All lettuce is low in calories and is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. Keep in mind that the darker green leaves contain the most nutrients.

Lettuce is a vegetable that is pretty much immune to any form of preservation. You can’t freeze, dry, can, or pickle lettuce.

This is NO Sleeping Matter

The ancient Greeks believed that lettuce induced sleep, so they served it at the end of the meal. The Romans continued the custom. However, the dictatorial Emperor Domitian (81-96 AD) served it at the beginning of his feasts, so he could torture his guests by forcing them to stay awake in the presence of the Emperor.

It’s Not Just Rabbit Food… It’s Good for You!

Lettuce aids digestion and promotes liver health. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cataracts. Other research shows it helps to reduce the risk of cancer and may ease nervous insomnia.

Keeping it CRISPY!

Lettuce is a delicate vegetable and great care should be taken when selecting and storing. When selecting your leaves, be sure that they are fresh and crisp, with no signs of wilting, slim, or dark spots or edges. Remember when selecting your lettuce that the darker outer leaves are the most nutritious.

Lettuce tends to keep well in plastic bags in the crisper section of the refrigerator. Iceberg lettuce keeps the best, lasting around two weeks, while Romaine, ten days, and Butter head types approximately four days.

Product Details

  • When selecting your leaves, be sure that they are fresh and crisp, with no signs of wilting, dark spots or edges.
  • It has a neutral taste and crunch, making it a refreshing choice during hot weather.
  • Iceberg is adaptable to many salads and other recipes, add a leaf to your tuna or chicken salad sandwich, it provides an easy way to obtain some added nutrition.


  • Premium Quality Leaf Item
  • Versatile Product for Many Applications
  • Year-Round Availability
  • Rich in Vitamins A, K and Beta Carotene

Care & Handle

  • Refrigerate Immediately: 34 – 36°F
  • Wash Before Eating